"sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows."

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20 things marriage has taught me. (so far)


i dont really get on here anymore but just in case anyone is reading this and you’re not married or even if you are maybe this will help you or make you smile or whatever but i’ve been married for six months now and i just wanna tell ya’ll what i’ve learned so far

  1. marriage will not “fix” you….

how to eat PU$$Y


Alright so there has been a demand for me to re-explain my process…So here it is…

First of all. DO NOT RUSH. the more teasing the better. Learn your woman’s buttons, where she is most sensitive. I usually start by making out with her. Kiss her. And I mean REALLY kiss her like you’re never gonna…

Mhhmm he knows what he’s talking about. 😏